Friday August 27, 2021

AHA's Hospitals Against Violence initiative launches resources on public health approaches to gun violence

Hospitals and health systems respond to the injuries caused by firearms every day. Gun violence has a significant public health dimension, and hospital and health system leaders have the unique ability to lead initiatives to reduce the risk of violence and advocate for advancing health.
The AHA, through its Hospitals Against Violence initiative, is proud to serve as a trusted partner and resource for the field on this issue. To that end, HAV has launched a new webpage to support hospitals and health systems’ efforts on this issue.

Some of our resources and activities include:

  • The Public Health Approach to Addressing Gun Violence Webinar Series: Public health and clinical experts address topics related to research, clinical approaches, suicide prevention and hospital-based violence intervention programs. Sign up for the Feb. 19 webinar at noon ET here.
  • new podcast: The conversation emphasizes the public health approach to prevention and research as an important component to informing strategies and interventions.  
  • National Academy of Medicine’s Health Systems Interventions to Prevent Firearm Injuries and Death: An AHA-supported workshop that examined the role that health systems can play in addressing firearm injury and death in the U.S.

To learn more about our HAV initiative and related resources, visit