Tuesday August 24, 2021

Board Elections

ASHHRA board members dedicate their time and expertise to the strategic direction of the society. They are committed to working together to evaluate current needs, pressing trends and envisioning a future that aligns with the society’s mission.

Those interested in running for a position on the board may submit their applications during the Official Call and will be considered by the Nominating Committee. Board assignments are for two- or three-year terms, depending on the position.

Election Timeline

  • July: Official Call for Board Nominations opens
  • August 5: Official Call closes
  • August: Nominating committee interviews candidates and finalized the slate
  • August: Voting period for approved slate opens
  • January: Term for new board begins

Board Position Descriptions and Eligibility

The ASHHRA Policies provide for a structure of leaders as listed below. Board members are responsible for overseeing the strategic plan and its execution, ensuring the ASHHRA Policies are adhered to. In order to fulfill their responsibilities, it will be necessary for board members to work with other members of the board. Click below for the description of responsibilities and expectations for all board members as well as descriptions specific for each board position. 

  • President*
  • Vice President*
  • Immediate Past President*
  • At-Large Board Member (5 members)
  • At-Large Board Member Continuum of Care (2 members)
  • Regional Board Member
  • New-to-the Profession Board Member
  • Health Care CEO Board Member

*Indicates those who serve on the Executive Committee.

Direct link with the membership

The ASHHRA Board must develop and maintain healthy relationships with the membership, and, through linkages, help the society keep in touch with current issues in order to maintain or set strategic directions.

All board members must clearly understand that their role is to act in the best interests of the membership, supporting directions that serve all members and the health care human resources community at large. Board members should not act in a limited or representative role reflective of a given constituency with which you are or have been affiliated.

At the annual conference, the board is a hands-on group of leaders that dedicates its full time and attention to the membership. Each board member leads through their involvement and leadership during the many sessions and events. In return for a free conference registration, board members are expected to attend all events, including the board meeting, the preconference, general sessions, learning sessions, exhibit hall, and all social events. The membership supports the board and it is imperative that the membership dollars are invested wisely.

board. Click below for the description of responsibilities and expectations for all board members as well as descriptions specific for each board position.