Wednesday August 25, 2021

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Healthcare HR professionals want to read about your best practices and case examples. Your article could be published in an ASHHRA publication.

Submission Instructions

  1. Review the HR Pulse Content Guide below.
  2. Complete the online Call for Articles Application (or Download PDF Application)
  3. Upon approval of your article, ASHHRA will contact you with next steps for publication.

Article Submission Due Dates

Please submit your HR Pulse articles by the following 2023 deadlines.

Article Submission Deadline: January 2024

Mailing: March 2024

Article Submission Deadline: May 2024

Mailing: June 2024

Article Submission Deadline: August 2024

Mailing: September 2024

Article Submission Deadline: October 2024

Mailing: November 2024

HR Pulse Content Guide

HR Pulse articles follow the ASHHRA HR Leader Model Competencies. We are seeking articles within each competency that include the listed knowledge areas. Example knowledge area topics can include:

  • Technology: Innovative software, social media strategies, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Workforce: Recruitment, retention, turnover and engagement strategies.
  • Advocacy/Policy: Laws that affect the healthcare human resources field.
  • Leadership: Real life applications that motivate individuals and/or organizations to act towards achieving a common goal.
  • Business of Healthcare: Trends to watch and business functions to aid the HR leader in areas of finance, marketing and project management.
  • Diversity: Organizational solutions that advance DE&I in the healthcare field.
  • Non-Acute Healthcare (Rehabilitation Centers, LTACHs, Physician Practices, Retail Health, Pharma, Market Disruptors): Any topics can be submitted from a non-acute healthcare perspective and will be tagged accordingly.


Content due to ASHHRA: January 2024


Content due to ASHHRA: May 2024

  • Technology: Digital Therapeutics
  • Workforce: Recruitment/retention (how orgs are dealing with enrollment cliff of traditional undergrad students)
  • Advocacy/Policy: Employee handbook updates for 2024
  • Leadership: Mental health programs and benefits
  • Business of Healthcare: Cost saving strategies
  • Diversity: Story that celebrates Black History or Women’s History
  • Technology: AI interaction in early stages of interview process (increasing efficiencies)
  • Workforce: Transformation of healthcare workspace
  • Advocacy/Policy: Labor update
  • Leadership: Leadership development of Generation Z
  • Business of Healthcare: Changes in Pharma
  • Diversity: Disparate Impact


Content due to ASHHRA: August 2024


Content due to ASHHRA: October 2024

  • Technology: Use of Technology in Unconventional Methods
  • Workforce: Rewards and recognition
  • Advocacy/Policy: Laws affecting the healthcare HR field
  • Leadership: Mentorship story
  • Business of Healthcare: Credentialing
  • Diversity: Providing equitable care to diverse populations
  • Technology: Cyber security/phishing (ghost employees/ghost students)
  • Workforce: Hiring successful new grads for nursing roles (training and preceptor programs)
  • Advocacy/Policy: Laws affecting the healthcare HR field
  • Leadership: Fresh leadership techniques
  • Business of Healthcare: Market disruptors to watch
  • Diversity: Highlight a successful diversity initiative

Content must be consistent with the ASHHRA mission and vision and appropriate to the subject matter. Additionally, submissions must adhere to the following:

  • Completed and submitted via the online Call for Articles.
  • Cover subject topic substantively and must have actual healthcare HR-related content which is new and/or best practices relevant to ASHHRA members as recommended in Selecting a Topic and the HR Leader Model Competencies (see above).
  • Contain technically accurate information with sources cited at the end (no opinions).
  • Include written permission of interviewees submitted to ASHHRA.
  • Source quoted individuals at end of article (e.g., Last name, first name. Personal Interview. 27 April 2023).
  • Your company name may appear only in the tagline at the end of the article where author contact information will be listed — you must have an author’s name on the article.
  • Original articles submitted exclusively to ASHHRA must be emailed in a Microsoft Word document with author’s name on the article.
  • Manuscript must be no more than 1,200 words in length.
  • Authors must comply with all submission deadlines.
  • Advertorials are not acceptable.

Articles which fall outside of the subject areas, ASHHRA mission and values, with obvious AP style errors or with no clear explanation of addressing a problem with solutions will be evaluated using the following criteria. 


(Score 0 if element is absent)

Below Expectations (1)Meets Expectations (2)Exceeds Expectations (3)Score

Content is healthcare human resources specific

Use of evidence to support statistics (if applicable)    

Original body of work

Content is timely and fills a topic void    
Clearly written in AP Style and meets the specified subject area    
Provides solutions    

Submissions rating a score of 10 or below are subject to exclusion.

All stories undergo an ASHHRA review process based on the above mentioned criteria.

  • There is no guarantee a submission will be published.
  • All submitted manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to editing.
  • All submitted manuscripts become the property of ASHHRA once published (per agreement form signed by author).
  • All submissions should be written in the AP editorial style.