Tuesday August 24, 2021

CHHR Exam Preparation

ASHHRA is your premier source for CHHR exam study resources. Whether you’re looking for self-directed study, specific areas to target, or a face to face learning opportunity, ASHHRA has you covered. ASHHRA members are eligible for price discounts on all CHHR products.

Preparing for the Examination

CHHR Self-Assessment Examination (SAE)

A Self-Assessment Examination (SAE) for the CHHR Examination is an online tool created to simulate the CHHR Examination. The 82-question online practice test was developed using the same procedures as the exam and conforms to examination specifications in content, cognitive levels, format and difficulty. Feedback during the SAE provides an opportunity to evaluate and remedy less-than-desirable performance before taking the exam.

The questions presented in the SAE are different from the questions contained on the CHHR Examination. Performance on the CHHR SAE is not necessarily an indicator of performance on the exam.

Additional Preparation Tips

The method of preparation and amount of time spent preparing for the CHHR examinations can be driven by the candidate’s preferred study style, level of professional experience, or academic background. Some methods of
preparation may include but are not limited to the following methods:

  • Review the Content: Candidates who have passed the CHHR examinations report that study should begin by reviewing the CHHR Examination Content Outline found in the CHHR Candidate Handbook and Application. Review the content categories and related tasks. Identify and focus review on tasks that you do not perform regularly or with which you are not familiar. Remember that all questions in the CHHR Examination are job-related/experience-based and test the application and analysis of information, not just the recollection of isolated facts.
  • Use Other Study Resources: ASHHRA recommends that study for the CHHR Examination focus on references and programs that cover the information summarized in the CHHR Examination Content Outline. It should not be inferred that questions in the CHHR Examination are selected from any single reference or set of references, or that study from specific references guarantees a passing score on the examination.
  • Join the CHHR Community on ASHHRA Exchange: There is a dedicated community in ASHHRA Exchange for those who are interested in taking the CHHR exam. Join now for preparation advice from CHHR certificants and other candidates.
  • Start a Study Group: Form a study group with other candidates and certificants. Click here for the list of CHHR certificants.

CHHR Exam Scholarship

The CHHR scholarship is a limited-time offer exclusively available to active ASHHRA members who meet the exam eligibility requirements. (a $295 value).

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