Monday June 7, 2021

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In this issue:

Digital Skills for a Productive Healthcare Workforce
What are the gaps in digital literacy skills costing your healthcare organization? Page 10

DEI “Done Right” – How to Minimize Growing Legal Risks While Enhancing Program Results
While the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action does not directly apply to workplace DEI programs, the decision has and will continue to cause increased scrutiny of DEI programs and efforts. Page 13

Leveraging LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare HR Professionals
LinkedIn, with its expansive professional network, presents an invaluable platform for HR personnel in healthcare to connect, engage and grow their communities. Page 16

Take Your Employee Appreciation Efforts to theNext Level with the “Science of Recognition”
There is, ultimately, a science to recognition. So how can HR avoid the pitfalls of cookie-cutter appreciation and leverage the science of recognition to make your efforts meaningful — and achieve important organizational goals? Page 18

Video Enabled: Evaluating New I-9Completion Procedures
A new rule allows certain employers to complete Form I-9 using a live video interaction. Healthcare organizations should carefully examine the value of this development. Page 20

Strategies for Healthcare Organizations to Achieve Cost Savings Without Layoffs: Premium Pay Practices, Leave Programs, and Health and Welfare Plans
Before reducing headcount as a means to cut costs in your healthcare organization, it is essential to explore alternative avenues for cost reduction that can help maintain workforce stability and employee well-being. Page 22

The Future is Now: Preparing Healthcare HR for the AI Transformation
As more healthcare organizations embrace AI, healthcare leaders, including healthcare HR professionals, will be pivotal in driving change and assessing where AI can support organizational objectives and promote growth. Page 24

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