Monday June 7, 2021

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In this issue:

Cultivating Mental Wellness: The New Frontier in Leadership page 8
In today’s rapidly evolving workforce, the connection between an organization’s vitality and the mental well-being of its employees has never been more crucial.

Why Do Nurses Quit? Hint: It’s Not Burnout page 11
The shortage of nurses is a significant and growing concern. It is important to understand what predicts job embeddedness in nursing in order to develop retention strategies.

Leadership in the Digital Era: Navigating AI Talent and Technology Convergence page 15
The advent of the digital era marks a seismic shift, where the traditional modus operandi of organizations is being redefined.

Industry Level Data Helps Recruitment Professionals Navigate the Ongoing Physician Shortage page 17
Since 2011, the Internal Physician and Provider Recruitment Benchmarking Report has been providing industry data to help in-house recruitment professionals prepare, plan and forecast.

TikTok Tyrant or Healthcare Hero? page 19
Is the act of crossing a picket line morally right or wrong? It’s an ethical assessment contingent upon the person’s values, beliefs and labor perspectives.

Bracing for Impact: Strategic Imperatives for Healthcare Human Resources in the Face of the Enrollment Cliff page 21
Higher education is facing an “enrollment cliff,” the anticipated sharp decline in college enrollment. For healthcare HR professionals, it is imperative to understand and prepare for the repercussions of this trend.

The Path to Leadership: Empowering Women in Healthcare Through Mentorship page 25
It is both logical and imperative to acknowledge that increasing women’s representation in healthcare leadership is not just a matter of equity, but also a strategic advantage for the industry.

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