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Founder & CEO


Founder and President
SMB Health Consulting

Monday, April 15, 2024
Eric Ly

Eric Ly

Founder & CEO

From Trials to Transformations: Navigating the AI Horizon in Healthcare

Join Eric Ly from KarmaCheck for an enlightening keynote speech that delves into the dynamic realm of AI in healthcare – a journey from trials to transformative applications that redefine the future of patient care and offers a comprehensive exploration of the profound impact and intricate landscape of AI in healthcare.

Prepare to be inspired as Eric paints a vivid picture of a future healthcare landscape transformed by AI. Immerse yourself in a vision where AI addresses complex challenges, fosters innovation, and ultimately becomes a driving force in improving health outcomes for individuals and communities alike. Be part of the conversation that sparks imagination and sets the stage for the next era of healthcare. Eric will delve into the nuanced discussion of the potential benefits and risks associated with the implementation of AI technologies in diverse healthcare settings. As he guides us through the ethical considerations, exploring issues of patient privacy, data security, and bias, you will be sure to gain insights into the regulatory challenges that accompany AI adoption and discover strategies to ensure responsible and equitable integration.

Embark on this thought-provoking journey with us as we navigate the crossroads of AI trials and transformations in healthcare. By the end of this keynote, you will not only grasp the current state of AI in healthcare but also be equipped to navigate the path forward, shaping a future where technology and compassion converge for the betterment of global health.


  1. Highlight successful AI implementations that have led to tangible transformations in healthcare, such as improved diagnostics, personalized treatment plans, and enhanced patient care.
  2. Inspire the audience to envision a healthcare landscape where AI revolutionizes healthcare in addressing complex challenges, fostering innovation, and ultimately improving health outcomes for individuals and communities.
  3. Discuss the potential benefits and risks associated with implementing AI technologies in various healthcare settings.

Eric Ly is the Founder & CEO of KarmaCheck.com, an industry trailblazer. It uses data-driven technology to bring truth, speed, and efficiency to credentialing verification. In addition to founding KarmaCheck, Ly is the co-founder of LinkedIn where he served as the Chief Technology Officer. Ly helped launch LinkedIn strategically, designing and implementing the networking and search algorithms.

Ly is a technology veteran who focuses on the invention and creative use of new technologies that aim to change how we express ourselves and interact with the world. Holding two U.S. patents, Eric is on the leading edge of leveraging the power of social networks in online marketplaces.

He received his education at Stanford University with a Bachelors in Symbolic Systems as well as his Ph.D. in Computer Science. To complement his passion for social networking, he also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned his M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Dr. Steve Berkowitz, M.D.

Founder and President
SMB Health Consulting

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What Healthcare Leaders Need to Know…NOW!

Hardly a day goes by when there is not a story in the news about artificial intelligence and its impact on society. New advances in technology and applications– both exciting and scary—seem to be occurring exponentially. There is now evidence that AI can learn on its own and that it can “make things up” or even hallucinate. GPT is enabling technology that is increasingly like a human. Computer-brain interfaces can physically connect the mind to the computer.

How does the healthcare executive stay on top of the science and make knowledgeable decisions? Or do we just let AI take over the world? Might your new doctor be an AI hologram? Dr. Berkowitz will review the basic models and concepts of AI such as processing speed, machine learning and networks, with particular emphasis on their applications in healthcare. He will discuss special interest topics such as GPT, brain-computer interfaces, emergent properties, and the concept of singularity. He will discuss the present and future impact of AI on healthcare systems, patients, and providers.

Finally, with the recent “Pause” letter on GPT technology, he will discuss the moral implications of AI and the role of future regulations and compliance.


  1. Discuss the implications of specific topics such as emergent properties, hallucinations, brain-computer interfaces and how they can contribute to AI singularity.
  2. Review the impact of GPT technologies, particularly how they would affect the providers and the hospital.
  3. Discuss the overall present and future impact of AI on the basic delivery of patient care.
  4. Discuss the social/moral issues of AI and potential need for regulation.

Dr. Berkowitz has over 25 years of experience in executive healthcare management and consulting. Prior to moving to Arizona, Dr. Berkowitz was the Chief Physician Executive and president of the medical group for Northern Light Health, a nine-hospital system in Maine. Previously, for 13 years, he was the Chief Medical Officer of St. David’s Healthcare, a six-hospital system in Austin, Texas, as well as the Chief Medical Officer for the Central and West Texas Division of HCA. He was Chairman of the Board of Capital Area Providers, a 5.01-(a) Texas medical foundation with over 800 participating physicians. In 2008, St. David’s won the Texas Award for Performance Excellence and in 2014 was the recipient of the national Malcolm Baldrige award.

Prior to these positions, Dr. Berkowitz was National Practice Leader for Physician Services with the Hay Group. He was a senior executive for Harris Methodist Health System serving as Medical Director of the HMO and Chief Medical Officer for the integrated delivery system. He was Medical/Executive Director for The Travelers in Phoenix, Arizona.

In February of 2014, Dr. Berkowitz was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to serve as Chairman of the Board of the Texas Institute for Health Care Quality and Efficiency.

He has sat on the boards of the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, the Texas Hospital Association, the Texas Health Care Information Council and the Texas Association for Healthcare Quality.

Dr. Berkowitz is board certified in internal medicine and is a prominent national speaker and writer in the healthcare industry, and as a consultant he specializes in healthcare quality improvement.

In April of 2016, Dr. Berkowitz was awarded Fellowship in the American College of Cardiology.

He and his wife Tina now live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and enjoy spending time in the desert.

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