Wednesday August 25, 2021

CHHR Study Course: People Strategies

HR Leaders focus on people strategies in order to capture the hearts and minds of their people and create the desired culture. Foster meaningful work that supports a high performance environment and effective delivery of care. People strategy skills include developing value-based leaders who have the ability to create a shared vision that delivers results for the organization. This course will prepare you to effectively attract and develop a diverse health care workforce that meets both the needs of patients and the community. People Strategies carries a 24% weight on the CHHR exam.


  1. Design a staffing recruiting and retention policy that aligns with organizational and efficiently screens candidates.

  2. Design and oversee a comprehensive program of staff and organizational development initiatives that guide employee performance improvement and meet succession planning needs.

  3. Explain the role of HR in strategic planning, strategic partnering with internal and external stakeholders, and employee relations.


ASHHRA Member: $45.00
ASHHRA Non-Member: $95.00



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