Wednesday August 25, 2021

COVID-19 Discussions with ASHHRA and Littler: Sharing Staff Among Employers


ASHHRA recognizes that health care human resources will not be immune to the inevitable change from the COVID-19 pandemic. With feedback from ASHHRA members and questions collected from the ASHHRA Exchange online community, ASHHRA collaborated with the attorneys from Littler to discuss the long term effects COVID-19 will have on health care HR. These experts weigh in with timely knowledge and years of experience to provide perspective on topics including: benefits, pay practices, organized labor, sharing staff, and more. 

These discussions are captured as on-demand recordings and hosted on the Littler site (login required). ASHHRA will continue to work with Littler to add additional content and vignettes related to COVID-19.

This episode discusses leveraging staff across the industry to care for COVID-19 patients. Topics ranged from sharing staff between sister organizations, reallocating staff within a facility, bringing in travelers and staff from other parts of the country and how organized labor contracts were applicable needed to be modified for the sake of the patients.