Thursday August 26, 2021

Environmental Services Floor Care Technician Job Description

Job Summary: Responsible for performing duties in accordance with established organizational policies and procedures for providing a safe environment, achieved by demonstrating the principles of cleaning, disinfection and quality assurance toward the reduction of harmful pathogens for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff. While executing the assigned tasks, the floor technician will have contact with patients and family. Contact may include physical, psychological, educational, and safety-related and should be appropriate to the specific demographics of patients served in assigned work area. Possesses technical skills required to properly use cleaning and maintenance chemicals, floor equipment prescribed by written procedures of the environmental services department. Responsible for responding favorably to requests to adjust daily workflow or area assignments to meet facility needs.

NOTE: The sample job descriptions are offered as guides only, and not intended as definitive standards. The duties and responsibilities described are not a comprehensive list and the scope of the job may vary from one organization to another.