Thursday August 26, 2021

Environmental Services System Director Job Description

Job Summary: Reporting to the health system vice president of operations and working collaboratively with environmental services directors across multiple facilities, the system director is responsible for providing strategic leadership and oversight of all EVS service lines throughout system. Identifies and monitors individual and consolidated service line finances with emphasis on cost saving opportunities consistent with accepted professional standards. The system director is accountable for facilitating standardization of products, services, training, departmental branding as well as for quality and service outcomes for departmental performance throughout the health system. The system director is also responsible for oversight of EVS related services in system related non-acute care EVS service delivery in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

NOTE: The sample job descriptions are offered as guides only, and not intended as definitive standards. The duties and responsibilities described are not a comprehensive list and the scope of the job may vary from one organization to another.