Wednesday July 6, 2022

A Strategic Approach to Delivering Health Care Business Results through Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has demonstrable impacts on overall employee performance and patient care. HR’s role is to increase organizational effectiveness by aligning engagement initiatives with organizational goals and culture. This webinar will examine a broad range of employee engagement initiatives which have proven to drive performance. You’ll learn techniques to create employee engagement metrics and tie them to operational performance measures including quality, safety, patient satisfaction, profitability and more. We’ll include a case study showing how a 23,000-employee, hospital-based organization employing specialty physicians and allied health professionals created a culture of engagement and saw positive business benefits as a result. Learn how the CHRO could confidently assert, “The practices with the most engaged leaders are the best performing practices in the organization.” Explore this opportunity to demonstrate how you can leverage employee engagement to drive stronger organizational results.


  1. Design an engagement program with practical tools to measure and improve employee engagement.
  2. Develop a system to tie engagement metrics to health care operations metrics such as safety and patient satisfaction.
  3. Create a program to increase employee engagement and retention with Best-in-Class employee engagement processes during hiring, onboarding, training and throughout the employee lifecycle.


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Christopher Mulligan
Chief Executive Officer