Tuesday May 16, 2023

Effective Employee Feedback Programs

Join us for this webinar on how to improve the way your organization uses employee and patient feedback to improve operations and outcomes. Leading the call is Checkbox, a leader in Healthcare Surveys and Feedback Programs since 2002. During the webinar, we will demonstrate how easy it is to get started with feedback programs (employee and patient focused), how to tie feedback to specific employees, teams or departments, and cover use cases from leading healthcare organizations that use Checkbox today: John’s Hopkins and Fraser Health.


  1. Learn how to start an employee feedback program.
  2. Analyze feedback at the employee, department and company levels.
  3. Share insights automatically with different systems to drive action.

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1 (CHHR, ACHE Fellowship*, HRCI, SHRM) for live webinar attendees.

*By attending the Credentialing as an Effective Employee Feedback Programs live webinar offered by ASHHRA, participants may earn up to 1 ACHE Qualified Education hour toward initial certification or recertification of the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) designation.


Matt Althauser

Matt Althauser
Managing Director
Checkbox Technology, Inc.

Prior to joining Checkbox, Matt was the CRO and COO of Amplitude Analytics, a company focused on helping enterprises build better digital experiences. Since joining Checkbox as Managing Director, he is focused on leading the company and product efforts to support our thousands of users.

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Ben Williams
Customer Success Lead

Prior to joining Checkbox, Ben spent over three years at SurveyMonkey where he helped some of the world’s largest companies to solve technical issues and implement feedback programs through surveys. At Checkbox, Ben is responsible for helping our largest healthcare and enterprise customers (John’s Hopkins, Fraser Health, Phoenix Childrens, etc.) to turn feedback from patients and employees into operational improvements.