Thursday July 6, 2023

Healthcare Labor Activity Update for Mid-Year 2023

Union organizing targeting healthcare employees has increased significantly in 2023 and, with continued support from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Department of Labor (DOL), union organizing targeting healthcare workers will likely continue to surge even higher.

In this webinar, learn the latest developments regarding union organizing in the healthcare sector and the latest union tactics that take advantage of the challenges facing hospitals in the post-COVID environment.


  1. Develop deeper understanding of how post-COVID workforce challenges increase vulnerability to union organizing.
  2. Learn about the latest tactics employed by labor unions to target healthcare employees, including how unions are seeking to take advantage staffing and workload challenges which have been made even more challenging by the pandemic.
  3. Learn the latest strategies to increase employee engagement and how leaders can leverage these strategies to lower vulnerability to union organizing.
As a supplement to this webinar, download the Mid-Year 2023 Healthcare Labor Activity Report
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1 (CHHR, ACHE Fellowship*, HRCI, SHRM) for live webinar attendees. 

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Chris Cimino

Christopher Cimino, BA, MS
President and CEO
Chessboard Consulting, Inc.

Chris Cimino is President and CEO of Chessboard Consulting, Inc. In his position at Chessboard Consulting, Chris has assisted hundreds of hospitals and health systems in the development and implementation of strategic plans to build and maintain a high level of employee engagement. Over his 30 years as a labor and employee relations consultant, Chris has also accumulated a wealth of experience dealing with many of the latest tactics currently employed by unions in the Midwest and around the U.S.