Wednesday August 25, 2021

Chapter Resources

Chapter management requires dedicated volunteers and passionate leadership. ASHHRA recognizes the valuable work of affiliated chapters through the annual Chapter Management Awards Program (CMAP).

2021 Winners

Association of Healthcare Human Resources Administrators of Greater New York

Healthcare Human Resources Association of Minnesota, Inc.

Virginia Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration

Kansas Healthcare Human Resources Association

North Carolina Healthcare Human Resources Association

Washington State Healthcare Human Resources Association

Ohio Society of Health Care Human Resources Administrators

Texas Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration and Education 

Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management


All affiliated ASHHRA chapters are eligible to participate. Chapter must have a current executed affiliation agreement on file with ASHHRA as well as an Annual Report for the current year.

Program Tools and Applications

Chapters may participate in the Basic CMAP only or participate in the Advanced CMAP. Please click on each link below for the appropriate online form. For your convenience, the first link below is a PDF document you can download to help guide you through all of the application details, such as documentations and allotted points for completion. 



Application Timeline

  • Nov. 23, 2020: Applications open.
  • Dec. 16, 2020 Jan. 11, 2021: Deadline to submit Basic Chapter Management application.
  • Feb. 1, 2021: Deadline to submit Advanced Chapter Management, Educational Opportunities and Chapter Management Activities applications.
  • March 3, 2021: Chapters notified of the award results.
  • April 30, 2021: Award winners recognized at Chapter Leadership Workshop

Levels and Points Requirements

Points are awarded for quality of programs, projects, efforts and results, as well as documentation of those activities. Emphasis in all categories is given to such items as seminars, workshops, membership growth, participation and involvement at the local, regional and national levels, as well as to sound chapter management.

Honorable MentionOne Star AwardTwo Star AwardThree Star AwardFour Star Award
0-10 Points11-40 Points41-69 Points70-89 Points90-100 Points


Benefits Breakdown

All awarded chapters are recognized at the Annual Conference and in an issue of HR Pulse Magazine.

Level Awards*
4 Star $1,000 Monetary Award Two (2) complimentary ASHHRA Memberships
3 Star $750 Monetary Award Two (2) complimentary ASHHRA Memberships
2 Star $500 Monetary Award One (1) complimentary ASHHRA Memberships
1 Star $200 Monetary Award One (1) complimentary ASHHRA Memberships
Honorable Mention Recognition at the ASHHRA Annual Conference

* Each chapter is awarded depending on the approved grand total of points earned in that program year.

Helpful Tips

  • Engage members of your chapter leadership (e.g., committee chairpersons, committee members, etc.) by assigning responsibility for completing the areas that are mentioned in the applications. This will help to ensure that no one individual is overwhelmed by the many responsibilities of chapter management. It will also assist in the development of future chapter leaders in support of your chapter’s leadership succession planning process. 
  • Establish specific target dates for completion, affording you enough time for compilation and submission to ASHHRA in a timely manner.