Thursday July 7, 2022

Creating a ‘Culture by Design’ Can Drive Successful Patient Care and Outcomes

In this webinar, participants will hear how Healogics, a national wound care organization, rolled out a culture-based initiative that increased employee engagement which drove positive business outcomes and better patient care. The speakers will share how this multifaceted program, which included 10,000 hours of training, was created, adopted and deployed throughout a distributed workforce. Employee experience has a huge impact on business goals and significantly affects the patient experience. This webinar will help you develop a culture that can successfully impact care and outcomes for your patients.


  1. Understand how to implement a ‘Culture by Design’ in your own workplace that enhances your culture and employee engagement which will help sustain your workplace in times of crisis with specific implications for organizations following COVID-19.
  2. Learn how to create and implement a business case around an enterprise-wide culture-based initiative.
  3. Learn how your mid-level managers can efficiently adopt a culture-based initiative while balancing patient care.


ASHHRA Member: $25.00
ASHHRA Non-member: $50.00




Joe Marino

Joe Marino
Executive Vice President
Hueman People Solutions

Lynn Merritt

Lynn Merritt
Chief Human Resources Officer