Wednesday November 17, 2021

Humanize Healthcare: How to Balance Equity with Efficiency

Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2021  |  1:00 p.m. CT (12:00 p.m. ET)

In this webinar, Dr. Courthney Russell, Jr., and Emily Braucher will deliver a dynamic and interactive program that challenges participants to consider how the need to be efficient is in constant tension with equitable healthcare. Bringing perspectives from their radically different backgrounds, Courthney and Emily inspire people to address power dynamics in traditional medical practices and to get honest about how unconscious bias can appear. Participants will walk away with a shared vision of how an equitable medical practice leads to more accurate diagnosis, improved medical outcomes and greater financial sustainability. You will leave knowing which small changes can make a big difference.


  1. Distinguish the difference between equity and equality in healthcare.
  2. Analyze the impact of the traditional way of conceptualizing “efficiency.”
  3. Learn a new habit that can improve medical outcomes for diverse populations.


ASHHRA Non-member: $25.00




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Emily Braucher
Executive Director
ReFresh Communication

Emily is a public speaker singularly focused on helping people create trusting relationships across differences. For the last decade, she has worked with academic, nonprofit, corporate and government clients to strengthen the inclusive brain, foster the “trust mindset” and create psychological safety, always pointing people towards their highest potential. Her Masters work in Colombia was focused on developing a methodology for people in a position of power to research with (as opposed to research on) vulnerable populations. Her work incorporates neuroscience, decades of training and consulting experience, and two Masters degrees in topics related to culture and communication. She has lived in 11 countries and traveled in an additional 20, including 2 years as a rural health volunteer in the Peace Corps. She is the Executive Director of ReFresh Communication, LLC. She graduated from Brown University with a BA in Human Biology – Health and Disease.

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Courthney Russell, Jr., M.D.
Atlanta Awareness for Homeless Health

Courthney is a motivational speaker, social entrepreneur, and community health organizer. He grew up in a rough and underserved area of Atlanta. In his youth, he learned survival skills while navigating high risk behavior and incarceration. Encouraged by his family, he applied to medical school where he found an endless passion and choose to dedicate his life to service. He experienced homelessness while in school which meant juggling the responsibilities of being a student and the realities of living on the street. After graduating in 2011, he was determined to become a community leader through leveraging his medical knowledge in a non-traditional way. He is the co-founder of Atlanta Awareness for Homeless Health (A2H2), a nonprofit focused on serving the health and wellness needs of the homeless and vulnerable. He is also the board president of Co-op on 1st, a Denver based organization serving high risk populations with health and nutrition services.