Friday August 27, 2021

Project Firstline: What to know about infection control

Tuesday, Jan. 26 | 11:00 a.m. ET

Presented by: CDC | AHA | HRET | AHE

Join us as the Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) Executive Director Patti Costello hosts CDC’s Drs. Michael Bell and Abigail Carlson for this Project Firstline event. Dr. Bell and Dr. Carlson, who serves as the infection control advisor and subject matter expert for Project Firstline, will be leading the discussion to share what EVERY health care worker on the frontlines needs to know about infection control and the environment of care — and discuss why giving EVS leaders a “seat at the table” is crucial to organizational success. This forward-thinking event is one of a series of opportunities designed to support health care workers on the frontlines.

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Submit your questions and thoughts in advance so we can be sure to provide responses that empower you to confidently apply the infection control principles and protocols necessary to protect yourselves, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion your patients, staff, guests and your community.


Dr. Michael Bell 
Deputy Director, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dr. Abigail Carlson 
Medical Officer, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Patti Costello 
Executive Director 
Association for the Health Care Environment

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About Project Firstline

To stop the spread of infectious disease threats—including COVID-19—anyone working in a health care facility needs a foundational knowledge of infection control and must understand and be ready to implement infection control protocols and procedures throughout their work day, including during every patient care activity and health care interaction.

CDC’s Project Firstline is a collaborative of diverse health care and public health partners that have come together to make that happen.

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