Wednesday January 11, 2023

Mini-Bootcamp: Inclusive Healthcare HR Leadership Development

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023  |  1:00 p.m. CT (2:00 p.m. ET)

The purpose of Inclusive Leadership Development Mini-Bootcamp is to develop modern leadership skills to become a more inclusive leader in healthcare. Inclusive leaders are leaders who interact with the diversity around them, build interpersonal trust, take the views of others into account, and are adaptive. These abilities increase their effectiveness and the impact they have on, individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. Organizations with leaders who practice inclusive leadership are more likely to retain employees, foster a more positive work environment, make better decisions, foster innovation and are more productive and profitable. If you presently have a DEI strategy, or are planning to start one, inclusive leadership unleashes the value propositions of diversity, equity and inclusion.

As with the complete Inclusive Leadership Development Bootcamp, this webinar will provide managers and leaders in healthcare with knowledge and behaviors that empower them to show up as reliable allies for underrepresented and marginalized people in the workplace by creating an inclusive work environment. Allyship is defined as actively promoting gender and racial fairness and equity in the workplace through supportive and collaborative personal relationships and public acts of sponsorship and advocacy intended to drive systemic improvements to the workplace culture. Attendees will hear how Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, and other high-performing DEI organizations leverage inclusive leadership. Plan to leave this webinar with a greater understanding of what inclusive leadership is and why prioritizing it is essential.


  1. Redefine leadership through the lens of inclusion, innovation, creativity and belonging.
  2. Discover six key competencies that inclusive leaders possess.
  3. Commit to implementing inclusive leadership actions.


ASHHRA Non-member: $25.00


1 (CHHR, HRCI, SHRM) for live webinar attendees.


Charlotte Hughes

Charlotte Hughes
CEO and Principal Leader
Inclusive Leaders Group LLC

Charlotte Hughes is the CEO and Principal Leader at Inclusive Leaders Group LLC, a strategic consulting firm specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI) as a business strategy. As both an M.S. in Human Resources and a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), Charlotte has worked on a range of projects for Fortune 500 corporations, small to global nonprofits as well as a large healthcare system and travels the country as a sought-after speaker and trainer on DEI, Allyship, BRAVE conversations, and belonging in the workplace.