Tuesday August 23, 2022

Boost productivity and talent retention to thrive with gold standard wellbeing practices

On-demand webinar presented by Reuters Events

Care-provider staff have burnt out and are resigning in their droves, leaving the healthcare industry short-staffed and patients without care. The Great Resignation is causing companies to lose billions of dollars to hiring, training, and retaining. There is a plethora of apps and employee assistance programs made available to employees but are we just applying band-aids and hoping for the best? In the aftermath of a pandemic and amid a mental health crisis, employers are at breaking point from the pressure of meeting employees’ needs. Mindful Business Practices are now a necessity for a business to thrive.

Discover expert insights from HCA Healthcare, Thomson Reuters and ASC Therapeutics on implementing wellbeing support and Mindful Business Practices – a necessity for your business to thrive.

  • • Reduce stigma and be the advocate for mental health by training senior leaders to partner with employees to support psychologically safe work environments.
  • • Understand how the success of a solution is down to the employees, bring their voices to the table to discover what different communities really need.
  • • Implement mindful business practices into everyday practices, and lead employees using peer support initiatives to build resilience and create a community within the workplace.
  • • Personalize experiences, maximize the incentives, and motivate the workforce to increase utilization of support available.

Can you afford to lose out on fast-tracking the advancements of employee management?

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