Monday December 13, 2021

Healthcare Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP)

Integrate career pathways in some of healthcare’s hardest-to-fill support roles through Healthcare Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs). The first 20 locations to integrate an IRAP program will receive a $10,000 incentive.

$10K Incentive for Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs

If your organization struggles with recruitment, retention, or finding meaningful career paths for support positions, then integrating this open-source model into your facility for FREE* should be a top priority. Right now, the first 20 early adopters of an IRAP will be eligible for up to $10,000 in support per location as we launch the programs nationwide (while grant funding permits). These funds can be used at your discretion to administer, incentivize, integrate or promote the program to hire and/or grow the careers of candidates for your hard-to-fill roles.

Within eight weeks of your organization’s initial meeting with our team (and while funding is available), the following requirements must be met to qualify for the $10,000 per location incentive funding:

  1. Set up organization in the Dallas College procurement system.
  2. Dallas College meet with HR representative(s) and program director(s) to discuss apprenticeship requirements and collaboratively fill out/sign the employer MOU.
  3. Identify apprentices and process paperwork (application, documents proving eligibility to work, etc.).
  4. Identify preceptors/mentors.
  5. Preceptors attend Dallas College training (3-hour training: 1 hour as pre-work, 2 hours of virtual live session).
  6. Co-host apprentice and preceptor orientation (1 hour of virtual live session).

Once these enhanced funds have been utilized, your organization will be eligible to receive $3,000 in support per location through June 2024 while funding is available. For information on these free* programs, please contact Amy Mackenroth at Dallas College or Jeremy Sadlier at ASHHRA.

*Due to training costs, the MRI Technologist apprenticeship requires tuition assistance from the employer and/or contributions from the apprentice.


Jeremy Sadlier
Executive Director, ASHHRA

Amy Mackenroth
Sr. Managing Director, Workforce Development, Dallas College

ASHHRA and Dallas College are seeking healthcare systems and sites that will use the IRAP model to onboard, train and retain employees.

To help close the growing skills gap, a new apprenticeship model has emerged to help Americans obtain relevant skills and as a faster pathway to high-paying jobs. Dallas College was awarded $12 million dollars to create and scale apprenticeships nationally in the healthcare industry. Core team partners include the ASHHRA, Workcred, Bufflehead Strategies, and Solutions for Information Design (SOLID – a DoD contractor and pro-veteran career readiness company).

IRAPs are high-quality apprenticeship programs that provide individuals with opportunities to obtain workplace-relevant knowledge and progressively advancing skills. IRAPs combine a paid-work component with an educational component resulting in an industry-recognized credential. IRAPs are recognized and evaluated annually by qualified third-party entities known as Standards Recognition Entities (SREs). The SRE for Dallas College IRAPs is the ANSI National Accreditation Board.